Mr. Godfrey Marera, MA

I would like to welcome you to St. Bonaventure University online. Since 1992 when SBU moved from Livingstone, the tourist capital of Zambia, to the capital city, Lusaka, it has provided a unique educational experience in the areas of philosophy and religious studies. Our student body is drawn from more than twenty countries from southern, central, eastern and western parts of Africa. We therefore pride ourselves to be a culturally rich educational institution characterized by unity in diversity. The multiculturally rich context creates a unique learning environment as students interact and learn from each other about themselves and other cultures.

Philosophical and religious studies have a special place in human and social sciences. The central object of these studies is human existence and its place in the world, focusing on the moral dimensions and human relationships with other beings, the environment and the supreme being. Some of the main questions are: who am I? where am I coming from? And where am I going? The goal is to understand the self by sharpening our rational capacities, learning how to ask relevant questions about life and learning to learn. The hope is to enable the learners to love life, live it fully and consequently affect human existence positively in all its multifaceted dimensions. As such SBU aspires to develop graduates who will be future leaders

Over the years SBU has produced a number of graduates in both philosophy and religious studies. Some of these have become prominent leaders in their own countries of origin and internationally. While the majority have remained visible in religious leadership, particularly in the Catholic Church, others have found their place in other social facets like politics and education. There are also those who have traversed beyond these typical spheres of philosophy and religious studies students into areas traditionally unthought of. This is witness to how philosophy and religious studies are important in the academic circles. We therefore hope to continue improving on what we bequeathed from our predecessors as we keep on sharpening minds for greater social benefit.

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