Bonaventure University continues to pride itself as the place where wholeness and holiness through education are realized. We accomplish this task through perpetuating the rich Catholic tradition via Franciscan pedagogy. It is always our institutional hope that all those who engage themselves in our academic enterprise, come out as citizens who value intelligence because of its insistence in seeking the truth and unfolding human integrity. With due respect to our Franciscan humility, we humbly delight ourselves in how dedicated we are to our purpose. Since the institution is designed to impart knowledge on humanities through philosophical persuasion, we categorically declare our faithfulness to this endeavor.

It is our vision to be the providers of a solid foundation to all the citizens of different African nationalities who are enrolled at our university. We prepare the future of Africa when we dispense the necessary methodological tools to our students. Philosophical studies are at the helm of our academic enterprise. We are content by the academic prowess that has been demonstrated by many citizens who passed through our program in the last thirty years.

Currently, we seek to expand our horizons through responding to the inevitable technological digital demands. Even though the wave has got tides of different magnitude, we carefully navigate our position to avoid being swept away by the same tide from which we are learning. Inasmuch as the academic market is flooded with knowledge sources through internet, we always work hard to retain knowledge that gives the learners the aptitude to convert it into wisdom which is relevant for their different persuasions.

It is the dream of our university to be a beacon of providing solid basis of any academic engagement through seeking the ultimate principles of reality as defined by philosophy.  The University is happy with the strides it is making to realize its purpose. It is my humble call to all stake holders, members of administration, lecturers, ancillary staff, guardians, formators and students to put a strenuous effort towards realizing our goal of producing good citizens through integral formation. Let us shun from mediocrity and let us all be confident of what we produce.

As the academic year is fast approaching its end, let us all begin to prepare to give a fine finishing to our year long diligence. Wishing all the third-year students best of luck in their Long Essay Projects and in their preparation for the final Comprehensive exams. To all our benefactors and all our friends, we continue to cherish your unwavering support. We promise you that all your support will be channeled to its intentions religiously.

God bless our institution now and always!

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