It cannot be denied that a library is a cornerstone of every institution. Its main purpose is to help its users to have access to the relevant information for learning, teaching and research purposes. Against this backdrop, SBU Library, also known as John Hardings Library, 1 exists to provide quality materials and services which fulfill educational and informational needs of the entire community in a conducive environment. In order to achieve all these goals, the Library Department has continued to improve the environment and its collection to meet all the users’ needs. Currently, the library has more than 30000 information sources that include books and journals. All these are automated and fully secured. Further, the library has a reliable internet facility. In addition, Harding’s Library is now a fully member of the Zambia Library Consortium. Through the Consortium, the library has now subscribed to various Databases for E-Journals that our users are accessing remotely. Our next plan which is in the pipeline is to subscribe to E-Library.

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