Online Programme


St. Bonaventure University (SBU) is set to introduce an online programme for upgrading from diploma to Bachelor of Philosophy Degree beginning February, 2023. This will provide an opportunity for applicants who hold the qualification of Diploma in Philosophy and Religious Studies or equivalent to upgrade to the Bachelor of Philosophy degree.

Online learning will enable individual learners acquire a significant proportion of the learning conducted by someone removed in space and/or time from the learners.

The programme shall involve the use of a range of media such as print, audio, video, computer-based media and networks as well as multimedia facilities for presentation of information and for communication between the university and students. SBU shall not provide lectures to students in the normal classroom situation. Instead, it shall teach through the provision of specialized study materials on the basis of self-learning.

The university’s introduction of the online learning platform aims to meet the needs of students across Zambia and other affiliate countries, especially to the group of students unable to attend conventional classes due to work and other engagements.


Opportunity for working people to acquire knowledge, skills and techniques which may be relevant to their present work situation or to future career prospects. Opportunity to improve academic qualifications without giving up your jobs and without being removed from your domicile areas. Teaching people who are living in any location, regardless of the types of jobs they do. Flexible in terms of age and time allowing for enrolment at any time and age and at a convenience of pace dictated by the student.