Welcome Remarks from the Dean’s Office

By: SBU Secretary Date: 20.01.2021

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Philosophy at St Bonaventure University. In the faculty we are committed to helping you exercise your rational powers and sharpen your intellectual capacities. It is our desire to help you explore the fundamental questions of human existence by introducing some of the basic questions to you and possibly equip you with some of the elementary tools that may be indispensable in the exploration.

The documents on this site are given with the aim of whetting your appetite by providing you with an overview of what we offer in the faculty of philosophy. I encourage you to explore the other different sections of our website so as to gain in-depth knowledge about what we offer. While every effort has been made to be translucent we may still be found lackluster. In that case I would beg for your indulgences and implore you to contact us so that we may exculpate ourselves. Enjoy your exploration.

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