Campus Activities

Picture yourself in the heart of the nation’s capital at a unique university filled with possibilities. The St. Bonaventure University College is a great place to be if you’re seeking to engage in an active, spiritual, rewarding and fun experience that complements your academic endeavors.

With more than 10 student organizations at SBUC, it’s difficult to imagine not being able to find something exciting to do. At SBUC, there’s a student organization for you. From Student’s Representative Council to the Periodical Committee, there are many topics and areas of interest to choose from. However, if that’s not the involvement you’re looking for, there are also campus-produced musicals and performances, community service projects, and opportunities for individual leadership development. You can even become involved in helping plan and manage events on campus, or provide support for events behind the scenes. If you still are longing for more, downtown Lusaka, is only a few short Metro stops away. And there are many university-sponsored events to get you into the life of the city.

At SBUC, there’s something for everyone, and there’s always something going on. Get involved!