The institute of formation is a platform of human development, which is psychological and spiritual oriented. It flowers Saint Bonaventure University College with spiritual tune of development, bringing a human being Wholistic and dynamic equipped with divine dignity enthusiasm to face the world. The formation is based on the spiritual formation which point out to Franciscan spirituality i.e. brings out elements of simplicity, honesty and humility. Franciscan formation brings human person closer to each other and all nature. The institutes build relationships between human persons and all creatures.

The institute of formation is midwifery of academic to bring forth life which is Wholistic and holistic in human development. Therefore is giving at table an invitation to all, to come and experience the path you will benefit and will bring you to a stage with new spiritual orientation in life and equip you with energy to face challenges of contemporary world. The institute is organized in a way that invites every student who passes through its program to be transformed and build capacity in student to teach and transform the world. Come and live the Gospel life so that you can bring change in the world.

St. Bonaventure University College (SBUC) is principally for the formation of young Catholic religious men who are pursuing Philosophical and Franciscan studies in preparation for priesthood and religious life. However, the Board of Governors of SBUC, at their meeting in May 2013, initiated and approved the formation of the Institute of Formation which is now open to any student (Religious and Non-Religious) who has the necessary (academic) qualifications.


The institute is offering Diploma programs on a two year basis and is aimed at enhancing the integral growth of the individual students that they become more effective in their respective ministries that require psycho-spiritual foundation. It is essentially an advanced academic, spiritual and pastoral program especially for religious and laity preparing for social and spiritual leadership in religious formation, education and pastoral work.

Programs Offered:

Certificate/ Diploma in Spirituality and Religious Studies
Certificate/ Diploma in Psycho – Spirituality
Certificate/ Diploma in Formation Studies
Certificate/ Diploma in Religious Studies

For more information on how to apply and register Visit the SBUC Admissions Office